Virtual Galleries

Thank you to our Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC) 2021 graduates, friends, and family for enduring through these critical times with radiant creativity. The pandemic impacted many people’s ability to view the capstone work of our Seniors. We captured the galleries virtually, so if you missed one of the shows you can experience them below by clicking the images below.

Group 1: Untitled

K Kroencke
Miranda Berg
Kelsey Keiser
Saint (Natalie St. George)
Kacee Hamant
Kaitlin Moser

Group 2: AESEXLA

Ezra Cline
Lura Bentley
Elena Herren
Abby Cornelius
Abbie Gilfilen
Xavier Sepeda
Sam Anderson

Group 3: Smorgasbord

Michael Lee
Amyia Carroll
Darby Forand
Lance Rinehart
Bryce Schmitt

Group 4: Lustrum

Jay Cason
Nytaya Babbitt
Kaitlyn Ewalt
Taila Dowling
Milo Harris

Group 5: Personal Forms

Krista Sheneman
Emma Hedges
Bai Rhodus
Sarah Perez
Trenton Buck
Z Banderas