large textiles knitted to resemble lined paper with large soft sculpture of a number two pencil

BFA Major in Sculpture

Sculpture, 3D Printing, and Installation

Our trans-disciplinary curriculum is designed to prepare you for a future at the forefront of contemporary illustration.


In today’s world, “Sculpture” defines a broad, diverse range of objects and practices. The Sculpture major at the Art Academy of Cincinnati provides a strong foundation in traditional and contemporary 3-D processes, enabling students to explore the full spectrum of possibilities. With guidance and individual attention from instructors, sculpture majors fuse old and new media and strategies into their own art-making process. The sculpture major has many exciting career paths. Many recent Art Academy graduates are exhibiting their sculpture on the local, regional, or national level. Others are entering top graduate programs or working for successful designers, foundries, fabricators, display firms, and interior design firms.


  • Employ and refine an adaptable studio practice.
  • Consistently integrate research and exploration into an evolving studio practice.
  • Consistently practice critical thinking to enhance studio practice.
  • Filter and evaluate feedback for consideration.
  • Explore, analyze, and utilize a chosen focus material.
  • Assess the physical, chemical, structural, economic, cultural, and sustainable properties of a focus material.
  • Produce non-static sculptural experiences.
  • Experiment with kinetic forms of sculpture.
  • Explore natural materials and processes in sculpture.
  • Create immersive, interactive environments.
  • Explore sound as a sculptural medium.
  • Explore the physical psychological, social, and political qualities of spaces.
  • Research global contemporary sculptural practice to support creative practice

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Change the world with your tools.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to creatively articulate, critically examine, and reinvent the world via the spoken and written word. They are prepared to do anything they put their minds to with depth and beauty and transformative strangeness.
student posing next to sculptures made of insulation and construction materials

Tools & Facilities

Sculpture provides:
  • Massive wood shop with: Sawstop table saw, miter saw, band saw, planer, jointer, router table, belt & disc sanders, full set of power tools.
  • Laser cutter 33″x21″ bed size
  • 2 Resin based 3D – printers
  • Metal & welding lab with 2 mig welders, plasma cutter, cold pipe bender, drill press, chop saw 
  • Plaster lab with materials provided
  • Ceramics open lab with 4 electric wheels, press, and extruder. 
  • 2 Electric Kilns
  • Walk-in spray booth
  • Large sculpture lab workspace
  • Fibers lab with 2 surgers, 6 sewing machines, model forms, textiles, and fiber materials

After your time at AAC, you’ll be ready to become a…​







Shop technician

Set builder

Costume designer

Jewelry designer

Furniture design/build

Foundry technician

Display design/build

Sculpture instructor


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