BFA Major in Digital Arts Animation

Animation and Video Production

Our trans-disciplinary curriculum is designed to prepare you for a future at the forefront of animation.

Infuse Life with Animation

The Digital Arts Animation major at the Art Academy invites students to study the compositional elements that are associated with time-based imagery, understand the language of moving images, and explore how these specific principles are manifested in 2D, 3D and 4D compositions. Digital Arts Animation students choose from a variety of courses that allow them to focus on or broadly experiment with narrative or more graphical aspects of motion media. All classes are designed with the idea that contemporary digital media is meant to fluidly evolve, to use creative methods in conjuncture to create new imagery and more complex illusions.


  • Expand technical skills in 2D or 3D animation through completion of projects.
  • Explore resources available to research and acquire new technical and conceptual knowledge in preparation for self-directed work.
  • Develop personal visual style of animation.
  • Develop and complete animation sequences.
  • Acquire understanding of the contemporary animation landscape.
  • Acquire skills in sound recording in studio and field recording.
  • Be able to deliver relevant narratives to a diverse audience about work that will validate, defend, or convince the audience of the best solution.
  • Develop creative relationship between video and sound.
  • Acquire knowledge of sound editing in multiple software.
  • Gain working knowledge of synchronism between sound and images.
  • Gain working knowledge of the technologies involved in sound display.
  • Acquire knowledge in key-frame based animation and motion graphics using After Effects.
  • Increase Video Editing skills, using Premiere Pro extensively.
  • Develop sophistication in time-based composition.
  • Practice different ways Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects can be used in collaboration to create a final time-based composition.
  • Learn to combine animated typography, sound, and video in dynamic compositions.

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Change the world with your Stylus.

Many Art Academy graduates work at studios as well as corporate in-house divisions. Graduates also thrive in entrepreneurial and freelance enterprises and in related creative industries such as: design, video production, and entertainment industries.

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Tools & Facilities

Digital Arts Animation provides:
  • Video editing lab
  • 3D Modeling Software: Maya, Blender, Unity 
  • Lighting studio with 20′ green screen
  • Sound recording isolation booth 
  • Wacom Sintiq tablets
  • Abobe Creative Suite for all students

After your time at AAC, you’ll be ready to become a…​

Art Director

Creative Director

Stop Motion Animator

3D Modeler

Compositing Artist

Storyboard Artist

Concept Artist

Game Developer

Visual Effects Artist

Mathematical Modeler

Texture Artist

Web Designer


Production Artist


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January 25th, 2023

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