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BFA Minors

Unique Minors in: Art History and Film // Video

In addition to these two unique Minors, all other BFA Majors can be taken as a Minor.


Students may choose to minor in a supplementary discipline in addition to their major. Minors may be available in Art History; Creative Writing; Digital Arts Animation; Design; Film/Video; Illustration; Painting and Drawing; Photography; Print Media; and Sculpture. Availability of minors is subject to course availability, course schedules, and the student’s choice of major. The AAC does not guarantee that all minors will be available in all circumstances.

Minors require 15 semester credits (5 Courses)

Art History (Minor only)

Creative Writing


Digital Arts Animation

Film // Video (Minor only)

Painting & Drawing



Print Media


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Art History Minor

In art, history is something one studies, as well as something one makes. Thus, a minor in Art History at the AAC combines the study of art history with an ongoing studio practice, while also providing a foundation in visual literacy, art writing, academic research, and art historical methodologies. This minor gives students the opportunity to connect their studio practice (with the past in the present for the future!) in ways that are analytical, personally relevant, and historically vital in the here and now. The Art History Minor is for students who want to understand the ways they are living in (and against) the aesthetics and historical trends that have preceded them, but it is also for students who want to use history’s richness to create surprising new artistic constellations that will drive, influence, and ground the work of tomorrow. Students minoring in Art History regularly visit and conduct research in local museums/ galleries, deliver papers at regional conferences, and intern at local arts institutions.

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Film // Video Minor

The AAC Film / Video Minor encourages students to explore many of the most essential technical and creative aspects of video production, all while immersed in the stunning backdrop of one of the Midwest’s most beautiful downtown historic districts, a location increasingly sought after by major motion pictures and high-end production studios. Being in close proximity to such a burgeoning media environment, our students will not only receive the technical and artistic grounding necessary to take advantage of the immediate expectations of various internships, but will also be offered the space, equipment and support they need to realize their own cinematic visions. During the Art Academy’s hands-on learning process, the basics of field, studio and electronic arts production are covered by focusing on the more traditional short documentary and fictional formats, as well as the exploration of experimental interactive New Media tools for use in the contemporary gallery space.

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