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BFA Major in Print Media


Our trans-disciplinary curriculum is designed to prepare you for a future at the forefront of contemporary print media.

Print Better Runs

The Art Academy’s large, well-equipped print media facility provides opportunities for students to express their creativity. Our print media major emphasizes traditional approaches invigorated by new technologies. Students are introduced to a full range of techniques, including monoprints, relief, lithography, intaglio, screen printing, letterpress, and book arts. Students employ both digital and manual approaches to making prints. Graduates in print media from Art Academy pursue a variety of career paths, including making prints at a cooperative press, working as a master printer in a professional print workshop, opening an independent press, screen printing at a professional design firm, and pursuing a graduate degree.


  • Explore advanced conceptual projects in the use of print media.
  • Demonstrate advanced fine art and commercial design applications of print media.
  • Develop the skill to create and seek opportunities to guide conceptual content.
  • Create a self-driven body of work based on personal interests and values.
  • Create self-driven work in a multi-disciplinary and conceptually diverse atmosphere.
  • Identify the concepts and/or theories that form a basis for the student’s art and/or design practice.
  • Discuss the student’s own art and/or design and that of fellow students in the context the diverse world of art and design.
  • Learn to create diverse social and cultural connections within each artist’s own unique art and design.
  • Produce work that is the basis for a visual thesis to demonstrate what the student has learned at the Art Academy.
  • Create work in relationship to the student’s career path as an artist/designer.
  • Create works that show individuality, good design, creative use of formats, and an understanding of mixed color and color overlays.
  • Discover how Print Media is being used in the art and entrepreneurial community and why it continues to be relevant as a medium of artistic expression.
  • Explain the differences among multiple Print Media techniques and the advantages of using various techniques and color choices.

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Change the world with your SQUEEGEE.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to creatively articulate, critically examine, and reinvent the world via the spoken and written word. They are prepared to do anything they put their minds to with depth and beauty and transformative strangeness.
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Tools & Facilities

Print Media provides:
  • Screen Printing lab with 3 vacuum tables, digital film printer, and 35″ x 37″ exposure unit 
  • Inks provided in all print labs
  • 6-color, and 4-color t-shirt press with conveyor dryer, and flash dryer
  • Relief / Intaglio (etching) lab with 2 presses, plate cutter, exposure unit, acid room
  • Huge Lithography lab with Takash press
  • Library of litho stones provided
  • Massive Letterpress archive of type with Vandercook press
  • Saddle staplers, and book binding tools

After your time at AAC, you’ll be ready to become a…​

Book Artist

Commercial Printer


Digital Technician


Freelance Artist


Master Printer

Poster Artist

Press Operator

Print Production Manager

Print Technician

Production Artist

Silkscreen Artist

Typographical Artist

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