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MAAE Program

Master of Arts in Art Education


3 Summers, 8 Weeks / Summer

Low-residency Summer Program to accommodate the schedules of working k-12 art educators.

MAAE Program

The Summer 2024 session runs from June 3rd through July 26th.

Studio-centered curriculum requires 18 credits of studio coursework, 9 credits of Art Education Seminar coursework, and 6 credits of Art History coursework.

Who We are

Working artist/educators who have a passion for studio art.

Art educators who are actively involved in making art are more engaged teachers. Our goal is to assist our students in the development of a unique, active, and integrated studio practice that may be adapted into their classrooms and sustained throughout their professional lives and beyond. In today’s educational climate, how can we promote and defend the importance of arts education unless we experience it for ourselves? Let’s get started!

We aren’t just passionate about art education; we’re obsessed by it.

Our enthusiasm for art vibrates through our building. Our desire to create something powerful and to make a difference in the lives of our students calls out from our studios and echoes through our community. Focus on you this summer! Come study with AAC’s collective of die-hard creatives. Our low-residency MAAE Summer Program is designed to accommodate the schedules of working art and design educators. Our studio-centered curriculum includes 18 credits of studio coursework, 9 credits of Art Education Seminar coursework, and 6 credits of Art History coursework.

We know that art education isn’t just your job, it’s who you are. The Master of Arts in Art Education program at the Art Academy of Cincinnati is the perfect opportunity for busy art educators to achieve the creative and professional goals they’ve been dreaming of on a schedule that accommodates their professional lifestyles. Allow our dedicated team of creative educators to channel your excitement for teaching into a sustainable studio practice that will both gratify your artistic hunger and broaden your students’ classroom experience.


  • Develop and maintain a unique and professional studio practice.
  • Maintain an evolving understanding of western, non-western, and indigenous historical and contemporary art contexts.
  • Apply studio experience to the professional practice of art education.
  • Apply contemporary Art Education issues, research, and theory to teaching practices in the creation of a diverse, inclusive, and holistic art education program.

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Change the world with your teaching.

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January 25th, 2023

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