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BFA Major in Creative Writing

Creative Writing and Poetry

Our trans-disciplinary curriculum is designed to prepare you for a future at the forefront of contemporary poetry and creative writing.


Our creative writers aren’t writers who happen to go to an art school. They are artists who leverage written and spoken language to bring light and logical thinking to today’s world. Our creative writing program helps students hone their craft, break through misconceptions, slice through society’s rules and create declarative, unpredictable, radical works of art.


  • Develop a working knowledge of traditional and experimental writing modes
  • Interpret the world with generosity, intelligence, recklessness, inclusiveness, and awe
  • Comprehend the history of literary innovation, including hybrid and non-Western forms
  • Understand language as a material artistic medium and the fundamental conceptual framework by which we make sense of the self, other people, experience, and the world
  • Embrace failure, risk, and experimentation as necessary to artistic growth
  • Create short collections of work, such as linked short stories, essays, or serial poems
  • Read widely, wildly, and actively to expand your horizons and influence your work
  • Give public readings, including commentary on your inspiration

And that’s just the beginning. By the time you graduate as a seasoned wordsmith, you’ll have sent work out for publication, applied for a writing fellowship, or an online portfolio ready to go. We’ll help make sure that you’re ready to go out and do great things with your craft!

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Change the world with your words.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to creatively articulate, critically examine, and reinvent the world via the spoken and written word. They are prepared to do anything they put their minds to with depth and beauty and transformative strangeness.
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Tools & Facilities

Creative Writing provides:
  • Liberal Arts studio space
  • Curated artist book library with 2500 titles
  • Record player listening stations
  • PA and mics for readings
  • This is WAAC literary magazine
  • Poems While You Wait
  • Creative Writing Reading Series
  • Visiting Writers
  • Collaborative Learning Studio

After your time at AAC, you’ll be ready to become a…​






social media specialist

grant writer

content EDITOR





public relations

technical writer

critic/ reviewer

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January 25th, 2023

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