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Student Affairs

Providing You With Support

Whether you need academic, financial or personal assistance to make the most of your career at the AAC, we have the staff and resources to help.
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What creative path is right for you? Let us guide you to the curriculum that leads to the artist you want to be.
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Counseling &
Academic Support

Sometimes things get tough. We have an expertly trained and sympathetic staff who can make things easier.
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Want to know how to take full advantage of the awesome opportunities here at AAC? We’re happy to help.
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What happens after you graduate? We’ll get you get prepared for the world beyond the AAC.

Student Affairs Overview

We have a sincere commitment to providing a culture of success, creativity and inclusion. We’re here to lend support when it is needed and advocacy when required.

Our department is responsible for coordinating and managing: housing and residence life, student activities and events, career services, learning assistance, professional development/internships, student employment, student conduct, and any issues related to student advocacy. 

S.A.F.E. Fund Info

The AAC S.A.F.E Fund will help provide resources for our students and assist to items related to housing, food, concern for their personal and emotional well-being and other essentials, unexpected early departures from campus, storage or shipping of belongings, technology to support remote learning, and institutional support of these efforts to stay safe and to stay creative.

How to apply:

Students who need emergency financial assistance may apply to S.A.F.E fund. The Emergency Fund Committee, consisting of staff members from Academic Affairs, Student Services, Financial Aid, and the Business Office, will review the submitted application and determine the appropriate funding amount.

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Classes are cancelled

January 25th, 2023

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