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BFA Major in Design

Graphic Design

Our trans-disciplinary curriculum is designed to prepare you for a future at the forefront of contemporary design.


An integrated education, Design is a fusion of studio practices and liberal arts experiences all through a contemporary lens. Discover how to refine the process of inquiry that leads to creative solutions for a variety of visual communication problems and gain the intellectual and technical skills needed to achieve success as a design professional.

Our unique individualized approach emphasizes the development of strong research skills. Through professional and personal experiences, students encounter a range of challenges in areas that include: brand identity, environmental, garment, interactive, product, promotional, publication, and web design.


  • Critically assess the development of your work and the work of others.
  • Develop methods for organizing and utilizing design processes.
  • Learn, create, and apply new thinking models to design strategies to further your approach to a brand or design
  • Design multi-faceted solutions to complex visual communication problems that span diverse audiences culturally, intellectual diversity, and lifestyle differences.
  • Demonstrate willingness to take creative risks.
  • Cite and discuss relevant influences/sources from Design history.
  • Be able to deliver relevant narratives to a diverse audience about work that will validate, defend, or convince the audience of the best solution.
  • Develop skills used in the design process that include ideation, concept development, execution, test, and analysis.
  • Demonstrate a proficiency in evaluating works of design and understand the differences between objectivity and subjectivity. Present a strategic rationale to support design decisions.
  • Compose a professional resume and portfolio.
  • Interact with a professional client.

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Change the world with your designs.

Graduates thrive in entrepreneurial and freelance enterprises and in related creative industries such as: architecture, exhibitry and display, multi-media marketing, film, publication, and entertainment industries.
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Tools & Facilities

Design provides:
  • 3 Computer labs
  • Collaborative design studio
  • Academy Design Services (outside jobs)
  • Adobe Creative Suite for all students
  • Wacom Cintiq tablets
  • Large format digital printers in Media Services

After your time at AAC, you’ll be ready to become a…​

Art Director

Creative Director

Graphic Designer

Marketing Manager

Digital Designer

Brand Manager

Social Media Manager


Web developer

Packaging Designer

Print Designer

Advertising Designer

User Interface Designer

User Experience Designer


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January 25th, 2023

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