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A photo of Abby Rae Cornelius

Abby Rae Cornelius, 5G Migraine

5G Migraine, shows a day in the life of characters who are living in fear of 5G mm waves. They unknowingly participate in the commodification of their fear by purchasing the latest forms of protection offered to try to save themselves from this supposed danger. This sketch intends to poke around with themes of capitalism. Capitalism is entrenched in our everyday lives and is part of the backdrop of American society.

“I am someone who sees value and importance in the light and the dark, the positive and the negative. I believe these opposites are part of a greater system that speaks to the interconnectedness of all things. My work is in service of post-irony and post-truth satire. I break down the binary of the self and other exploring ideas of abjection and fear.”

A photo of Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson

Sam is a Creative Writing major and a Sculpture minor. Both fields directly influence each other, allowing Sam to explore written and visual language that exists within the art world.
You can purchase their book, “Between Vessels” by clicking HERE.
“My artistic process and main focus primarily challenge the mindsets of consumerism as well as sentimentality. Poetry is my main practice currently, however, I also use a variety of materials and forms to express my ideas.”


Xavier Sepeda

Xavier is an illustrator from San Antonio TX, who’s interested in new ways of storytelling such as using visual elements from papel picado to create narratives.
“I am co-creator of Space Jesus, a comic that follows lord and savior Jesus as he journeys through Space in hopes to prevent the return of Space Satan.”

A photo of Lura Bently

Lura Bently, Tools of the Trade

Lura is a rug maker and dream interpreter. She explores the concepts of identity through the repetitive nature of machine tufting rugs to create a relationship of comfort with tools used in laborious, time-consuming jobs. By creating objects associated with occupations/careers, she can play pretend with ideas of what her future and artistic practice could be. 
The works were conceived through the rejection of the workplace/task and lands themselves in the middle ground of comfort and career. By symbolically reconstructing elements of the surrounding vocations in her life, the artist synchronizes her exertion with those in the fields represented.

A photo of Elena Kay Herren

Elena Kay Herren, Fall

“Fall” is a series of insert illustrations excerpts from the YA novel written by Elena Kay Herren. The narrative follows teenager Thana who dies in a tragic car accident and is brought back to life by the demon Dimitri. The work explores themes of dichotomy, art history, irony, and magic.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and sometimes we need a hundred words to understand the context of the image.
For my senior thesis I have written a young adult novel and am drawing insert illustrations for the text. The story follows a teenager named Thana who dies in a hit-and-run accident, then due to a series of coincidences is brought back to life by a demon named Dimitri.