Personal Forms

Krista Sheneman

Sheneman is a time-based sculpture artist who uses performance relics to capture her existence and elevate the mundane. Her work focuses on health, collection, and memory. She lives and works in Cincinnati, OH.

Zuleyma Banderas, Hyper Guava

Zuleyma is a Graphic Designer who decided to combine her art practice with motherhood. In this body of work, she focuses on the unique bond between a child and their mother by transforming photographic moments into whimsical illustrative works of art. Her work incorporates vibrant colors, typography, patterns, shapes, and lines that resemble childlike characteristics. She works with digital software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate to bring my ideas to life.

Emma Hedges

“I am an interdisciplinary artist who primarily works in illustration, and photo manipulation/collage. My work focuses on my personal experiences expressed through costume and characters. Themes in my work include body /self-image, stereotypes, and feminism.”

A shadow box depicting a cow in grass.

Sarah Perez

“I am Sarah Perez and I’m a visual artist. I focus mainly on photography and illustration but I have also done a variety of other mediums such as screen printing and painting. My goal with my work is to make people happy as I find there is too much sadness in the world. I do this by exploring themes of fun and silliness while also adding a strange twist.”

A photo of Trenton Buck standing in front of his work.

Trenton Buck

Trenton is a sculptor and painter working with abandoned objects and materials. He uses these found objects because he enjoys making something new out of the old and forgotten.
Currently, he is working on abstract sculptures that are portrayals of faces. For Trenton, faces are a focus point because they are easily recognizable from person to person. This familiarization with faces has led him to be interested in their form and how it can be manipulated while still being recognizable.

Bai Rhodus

“This year, I shifted to concentrate on building my digital drawing skills, developing my style further in the dark, colorful and feminine direction I mentioned admiring in my visual inspirations section last year, while also exploring a recurring problem within classic literature, and especially in tragedy, horror and gothic romance subgenres: the treatment of female characters.”