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A photo of Nytaya Babbit

Nytaya Babbit

Nytaya is a Cincinnati-based artist working to help further the discussion on the mistreatment of the black feminine body.
“My work thrives on my current ideologies, my principles, and how outside forces such as social media might affect my system of beliefs. My goal for making art based on external influences on my beliefs is to make a connection with someone who might be disconnected from my way of thinking. I want the viewer to recognize, identify, and easily reference the narrative my paintings are communicating, relating it back to something that may have affected them. My end game is to have accessible art that a general audience can understand effectively.”

Jay Cason

ā€œIā€™m an illustrator and printmaker inspired by love, experience, and representation.
My thesis explores self love and pride in the body, my body. I am inspired by experiences of the self and the facets of what makes the self. I let this body of work become an exploration of seeking out the inner workings of me. I plan on continuing to look inward for inspiration, while also taking time to break outwards.ā€

A photo of Taila Dowling

Taila Dowling

“My thesis work revolves around the exploration of character design, concept art, and world-building. When I first design a character, I start with an idea that was influenced by media I consumed or objects nature. I play word association but visually.”

A photo of Bai Rhodus

Kaitlyn Ewalt

“History and different cultures inspire me, as well as the stories that have been passed down through many generations such as fairies and spirits. I am focusing on mythical/cryptid creatures in my work, as well as placing some horror aspects within. I am working toward being able to use my work as possible concept art for larger projects.