Seniors from group one posing together.

Virtual Galleries

A photo of Kelsey Keiser

Kelsey Keiser, Iris

Kelsey Keiser is a graphic designer based in Cincinnati. For her senior capstone, she envisioned Iris, a music festival with a creative and welcoming environment for the younger LGBTQIA+ generation in Cincinnati.

A photo of Miranda Berg

Miranda Berg, Diplopia

Diplopia is a female-focused lifestyle brand for women in the snowboarding culture. Miranda is passionate about web design, UX/UI, creating package designs, branding, and visual identity systems, as well as print and publication design.

Saint, Virtual Inhabitance

Saint is establishing their virtual inhabitance by creating collages at the convergence of URL and IRL. These collages stand as photographic works of American design and middle-class actualities.

“Each object that I include in a collage has a virtual origin – from
craigslist, Facebook marketplace, internet archive, google images. Every one of these objects also directly references its real-life interface. It loses its sense of direct belonging, but in its recontextualization, it develops a relationship within its composition. All of these share roots in a highly nostalgic American landscape and indicate its socioeconomic working class.”

K Kroencke, Thrash Zone

K is an Illustrator and musician from Louisville, Kentucky now living in Cincinnati, Ohio. In her free time sings in a punk rock band called “Sweet Action” and goes urban exploring for collage materials. She specializes in collage and screen printing to give a window into her life of punk rock and mosh pits.

A photo of KC Hamant

KC Hamant

KC Hamant is a mixed media artist who’s passionate about the artistic process and making art fun and accessible. Their process of creating art is just as important, if not more important than the final work itself. They believe art should be enjoyable and inclusive.