A photograph of Michael Lee sitting on his installation.

Michael Lee

Michael is a Sculpture, Video, and Performance artist looking to make an impact.

“Everything I make is meant to be displayed publicly and is intended to start tough conversations. Whether it is social justice driven or a commentary on the art world itself, I work with any medium that lends itself to delivering the message. My primary media are larger sculptural pieces, videos, and installations.”

A photo of Amyia Carroll

Amyia Carroll

Amyia is an Ohio-based creative who is passionate about community impact in the arts. She thrives the most when she collaborates and uses the art of storytelling, personal experiences, and creativity as a resource for others.

“My community work and design practice got its start, much like me, on the Northside of Columbus, Ohio. I have created a website to show a collection of my design pieces and community projects. My mission for this work is to support communities by creating brands to amplify their stories, build unique friendships, and give to others what I have gained for myself.”

Bryce Schmitt

“I am a graphic designer who has been in love with the way that line and form, work in the design world. I have recently been interested in abstract painting. I believe that art should be bound by no names or ideals but should be appreciated for the way that it appears to the average viewer and not to the higher class for money/power.”

A photo of Darby Forand

Darby Forand

Darby is an Illustration major who is developing a card-based, role-playing game called Uncle Fungeon’s Magic Dungeon with some colleagues. His thesis show revolves around the game itself, promotional materials, and the tie-in works that they plan to sell and develop.