Alumni From Across the Globe Will Judge Minumental 32

Minumental has been an annual exhibit since 1987 and has become one of our most well-attended shows. This will be the first time Minumental has been both online and in-person due to COVID-19, and online sales will begin Friday, February 26 at 3:20 pm. This allowed us to invite in our Alumni living across the globe to judge this years exhibition, Ariel Vivanco, Erin Overmann, and Julio Labra.

Ariel Vivanco

A photograph of Ariel Vivanco, standing in front of a body of water.
a collection of Ariel's work. Black and white illusrtations.
Ariel Vivanco is a Hispanic-American artist from San Antonio, Texas. She graduated with a BFA in Painting & Drawing and a minor in Art History from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2017. She currently lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. 

Erin Overmann

A photograph of Erin Overman sitting at her work desk.
“After graduating from Art Academy of Cincinnati with a degree in Illustration (almost a decade ago!), I decided to pursue animation in Ireland. My dog Mose and I moved to Dublin, Ireland to further my education. Since graduating (again), I have worked on four tv series, three short films, and one feature film. I am currently living in medieval Kilkenny, Ireland, and am employed by Cartoon Saloon. My professional focus is location design/ background production / concept art. I am by no means an animator, but I help build the illusional 2d platform for the character to sit and if well designed – belong. 
I look forward to the Minumentals Exhibition and seeing all the amazing work!
Thank you for having me around 🙂 ” – Erin

Julio Labra

A collection of work from Julio Labra's Instagram page.
Julio Labra, born in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1989, is an artist working in Asia. He is a painter whose works are representational of his nomadic life. Having never lived in one place for more than a year, Julio’s work depicts the journey and search for his identity.
He received his MFA in painting from Laguna College of Art and Design in 2014, and his BFA in illustration from Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2012.
Julio currently lives in Tokyo, Japan with his wife. Julio has been discovering what his studio practice looks like amidst the pandemic while traveling throughout Japan. His series “Drifting Studio”, “Drifting Studio 2” explores where he has lived while in Japan and what his studio spaces look like, how he creates, and how he adapts. 
A cake made in the shape of a bunny.
Bunny Cake awarded to Julia Waldorf in 2016
The Viewer’s Choice Award will also look different this year. Traditionally the recipient of this award receives a bunny cake, made with love by an AAC Alumni Association member, but this year the recipient will receive a custom tote bag printed and designed by AAC Alum, Savannah Vadges..