The Art Academy of Cincinnati is pleased to announce that seniors Cara Gallagher and Carly Simendinger are the recipients of the 2018 Stephen H. Wilder Traveling Award, one of the most coveted awards given to graduating seniors.

As a result, Gallagher will pursue performance work in England, and Simendinger will travel to India.

Since receiving this award, Simendinger has embarked on a six-week journey across India.

“When I graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in May of 2018, I was awarded the Wilder Scholarship, which is an award specifically for graduating seniors to continue your education and broaden your horizons through travel. I chose to go to India to study zen meditation and immerse myself in the beautiful patterns and colors that this country is known for. My first few weeks will be spent in a zen ashram in Tamil Nadu and then I will continue up the west coast to the beaches of Kerala and Goa, then to Mumbai and Agra before finishing my journey in New Delhi. I can’t find the words to fully express how grateful I am to be here and for this opportunity. I have already learned so much about myself and I am so excited for the places I will see, the cultures I will experience, and the people I will learn from along the way.”
-Carly Simendinger

The Stephen H. Wilder Traveling Scholarship was first awarded in 1947.

In 1941 Edith Carson Wilder endowed the scholarship in memory of her husband. In turn, it was specified the scholarship be given to deserving students for travel.

Funds serve as a travel stipend for special research in fine art or design in the United States or abroad.

Each applicant must submit a proposal that includes a budget, itinerary, senior thesis, and portfolio. In addition, students must submit a description of how the experience will benefit their artistic goals.

Full-time faculty members, the Academic Dean, and the President vote to select the winners of this award.