Supple - Thesis Exhibition

March 19th – March 23rd, 2018
Reception: Friday, March 23rd, 5-8pm

Artists include:
Cody Dawn Bechtol, Cara Gallagher, Jen Horsting, Kim Kells, Nikki Nesbit, Erin Yohey

Cody Dawn Bechtol: Female.pdf

Cody Dawn Bechtol: Frustrations.pdf

SUPPLE is a collaborative show between six multimedia artists expressing and exploring intimate truths of past and future.

Exhibition will be on display : March 19th – March 23rd

Receptions: Friday, March 23rd, 5-8pm


Artist Names:

Cody Dawn Bechtol

Cara Gallagher

Jen Horsting

Kim Kells

Nikki Nesbit

Erin Yohey


Artist Bios:

Cody Dawn Bechtol –

“Art for me is and always has been about a sense of intimacy and empathy—an emotional call for response. The work I make comments directly on my life experiences as a young contemporary female artist. It is personal and it is uncensored. It tells a story that needs to be heard. When I make self-portraiture, I am not commenting necessarily on my physical form but commenting on the nuances of self-perception. The three-dimensional pieces are also in some ways self-portraiture because they are a material manifestation of visceral struggles. Poetry is my attempt to verbalize personal moments in a way that is restorative. I am commenting on experiences I have endured in my body psychically and psychologically in the hopes that anyone who can relate to the somber sensations of mental illness and trauma can find some sense of comfort and companionship with my work.”

– Cody Dawn Bechtol


Cara Gallagher –

Cara is a graphic designer from Cincinnati who focus on the balance between design and fine art. Her work is made up of sculptures and paintings that highlight the effect of touch and playHer definitive style of color and abstract shapes are reflectiveof her design background. Through this body of work she is looking to further understand the attention that intimacy demands and how she can fulfill that through art and design.  


Jen Horsting –

Jen Horsting is an illustration major with a minor in printmaking and design. Her work consists of crocheted and mono-printed works that examine maternal relationships and expectations. She uses a limited color palette, based in sun yellows, magenta, indigo, in addition to few more. She does this to establish a language to express her emotions behind the imagery. She uses crocheting as a means to create three-dimensional sculptures of her mono-prints. By reinterpreting the female-dominated discipline to her advantage. It is in this interaction and conversation that she wishes to explore through this body of work.


Kim Kells –

“Kimberly Kells, a mixed media illustrator and Cincinnati native, has always been influenced by bright, pastel palettes. Her infatuation with color initiated from nineties pop culture. Kells utilizes electric blues and dazzling pinks in various bodies of work, however, as she has grown, so has the intent of her color choice. The hues of her portraiture define the physical features of a model, but also, defines the relationship they hold to their subject. In her current exhibition, Your Just Desserts, Kells uses mixed media to illustrate themes of sexual abuse, domesticity, identity and liberation. The artist currently defines mixed media as graphite, ink, charcoal, illustration marker, acrylic, watercolor and oil paint. Embracing numerous media is still experimental for her but she looks to employ even more media as she progresses further in her art career.”


Nikki Nesbit 

“Nikki Nesbit was born in Michigan, then spent most of her life trans-location. Nesbit is a lens-based artist that explores trauma concept art, investigating domesticity, and the application of color as language. Through art making Nesbit has created self-healing, within this process. Her wounds turn to dust, and art became a tool to assist others in their journey to recovery. Using confrontation as a means to regain the power from traumatic events Nesbit has removed herself from the list of, survivor to, mental health warrior. Using techniques of collage, photo manipulation, destruction, and sewing, Nikki has formed a language of past and present. It is important as an artist to take each experience home with you, but it is your duty as a person to allow patchwork to happen. Collage became a very important skill in bringing ease to the past tense by allowing it to exist comfortably with the present. Baggage will only exist, if you carry the suitcase.”


Erin Yohey –

Erin Yohey is an artist born in Celina, Ohio and raised in the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a multimedia artist who never stops pushing her own creativity forward. She is inspired by life and all of its common themes and she spends a lot of time thinking about humanity versus nature. Most of her art is an abstract documentation of what is going on in either her own life or the world around her. She often uses a full and bright color palette and enjoys experimenting with color theory. With Erin finding her voice on multiple different platforms, you never know what her next project might be.

Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm