150th Anniversary

The School of Design and the History of its Locations

September 19, 1871
women sitting outside historic building 1887

The School of Design would evolve into many different locations and names.

In 1871, the School of Design, as it was generally known, was absorbed into the university, which
was renamed the University of Cincinnati. As part of the university, the art classes were free for city residents age 14 and older, while non-residents were charged $30 per year for day classes, $15 for evening classes.

In 1881, the art school was in the midst of the battle to separate from the University of Cincinnati and be recast as a museum-school or an academy.

The Art Academy of Cincinnati opened in 1887 in Eden Park as a Museum School.

Jump nearly 100 years into the future and the School moves again, from Eden Park to Over-The-Rhine in 2005.


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