For a Second Year Students Create Work for the Ronald Mcdonald House

May 21, 2015

For a second year in a row, five Art Academy students were paired with five Master Artists to create a permanent outdoor exhibition designed to bring beauty, love and comfort to the families and children of the Greater Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House.

The Heart Fence Project is directly consistent with the New Mission of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, which is to create and sustain radical, forward-thinking, contemporary visual artists and designers whose creative contributions make a substantial difference in the lives they touch.

Data from the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project has demonstrated that art students who engage in apprenticeships and internships are more likely to have a long-term career in the arts.  By taking on this apprenticeship, the Art Academy students have fostered wonderful relationships with professional artists.

The outdoor installation is inspired by the Ronald McDonald House’s heart-shaped logo. Artists were asked to reflect on themes of love, hope, family, home and health while composing their works of art—topics that are rooted in the culture of the Ronald McDonald House. The dynamic works of art were installed on the same interior fence as last years hearts.

We would like to thank our primary partner Kip Eagan—local curator and public art enthusiast for this opportunity, Sara and Michelle Vance Waddell for the grant making it possible and the great people of the Ronald McDonald House.

Artists and students involved in this years project:
Jimi Jones – John Faughender
Suzanne Fisher – Dani Telléz
Matthew Metzger – Lillian Weber
Michael Stillion – Nathan Duncan
Jasmine Akers – Katie Bozell

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