The Bertha Langhorst Werner, Butkovich & Magnus 

The Bertha Langhorst Werner, Butkovich & Magnus Scholarships all exists to give financial aid to degree seeking students at AAC. Students can apply for all three scholarships with one easy application. Funds are awarded based on need (financial), worthiness (faculty recommendation letters) and seriousness (GPA). Please provide the following information to help the Scholarship Committee in assigning these funds. This application will be rejected if you have not filed a 21/22 FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) by the application due date. Deadline is Friday, April 16, 2021  The 21/22 FAFSA can be completed at

Education was important to Bertha Langhorst, a school teacher who inherited a small amount of money from her parents and saved throughout her lifetime. After the death of her second husband Al Werner, she established this tuition scholarship to help young college students who need financial assistance secure an education at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Winners are chosen based on financial need, a written essay, faculty recommendation, and GPA.


Bertha Langhorst Werner, Butkovich & Magnus Scholarship Application