womcinci1Hi Everyone,

I’m reading at MOTR this coming Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 7PM. Please see the flyer attached for details, BUT there will be two open mics, so bring your poems. Bring your joy. I will be blasting some “Radiant Action.”

This series, WORD OF MOUTH Cincinnati, hosted by Jim Palmarini and Mark Flanigan, is inspired by the late Aralee Strange, the former Cincinnati writer and artist who passed way in June, 2013. Strange ran readings, produced plays and other performance work during her many years in Cincinnati, before moving to Athens, Georgia in 2007. In Athens, she co-founded Word of Mouth, a popular and successful spoken word series.

Word of Mouth Cincinnati is an intentional arc of both past and future utterance, inspired by our most revered voice, with a nod to her Athens, GA compatriots. Word of Mouth asks poets to Show Up, Mouth Off, and Pay Attention.

I’m honored to be the first featured reader in the Cincinnati version of the series. I hope to see you there.