On February 19th, Art Academy of Cincinnati hosted a night of poetry reading full of dedicated, strong-willed, and politically activated poets. Below is the poem read by AAC student, Kiley McVey.

“A Letter to my Body”

Every time I try to write a poem.
It always begins with the words “I’m sorry.”
But this time it’s different.
Because it’s in the second line.
Body forgive me.
I preach the same speech to everyone.
When I get home I throw you away until the next day.
As if you are expendable.
Body forgive me.
I have a hunger that never seems to be satisfied.
Constantly asking for too much.
Needing changes just so that you are welcome in your home that is my mirror.
I ask too much of you too many times.
Body forgive me.
I do not tell you about the good things.
Because I often feel like the good things are no longer on the surface.
And quite frankly I am tired of digging for diamonds that are not inside me.
Body forgive me.
You know the truth.
You fear me because of it.
You know behind my loud volume, I am just a pathetic silent film with no budget.
You love me anyways.
I want to love you someday.
Body forgive me.
For I do not deserve you.
Something so strong and hardworking.
I know right now you are busy.
But when you find the time.
Body forgive me.
Photo by Nikki Nesbit