Community Education is excited to announce our Pop-up Workshop Series—one day classes that are sure to pack in the excitement! 

First up is small scale metal casting with Instructor Richard FruthThis workshop is an introduction to small scale casting using cuttlefish bones & delft clay. Both methods use minimum equipment and provide immediate results. Using the backbone of a cuttlefish as a mold, students will carve into the soft bone to create a form to cast into. Bronze is then melted and poured into the cuttlefish bone mold. The resulting positive reveals unique and interesting textures provided by the cuttlefish bone. Next the class focuses on casting bronze into Delft clay. Delft clay is a reusable molding material that provides quick results and helps to retain intricate details without the use of expensive equipment. Check out the video below. 


Register by following the links for workshop one on August 2nd or workshop two  on August 16th. Each day has two times available 11-2pm or 2-5pm. Cost is $95 for half day, $175 for full.