About For Freedoms Billboard

Two years ago a billboard appeared in Pearl, Mississippi that sparked confusion and conversation. The image on the billboard was of an iconic photograph from the civil rights era with the words, “Make American Great Again”.
It was the work of For Freedoms, an organization using art to promote democratic participation.

Now they’re commissioning artists from across the country to create billboards addressing political and social issues of their choice.

Professor Emily Momohara Responds

Art Academy Associate Professor, Emily Momohara was commissioned to create two of these thought provoking billboards.

One billboard is currently located on I-75. It depicts a young Japanese girl in an internment camp with the words, “Never Again is Now!”. During WWII, Momohara’s family was incarcerated because of their Japanese heritage. This was a result of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s unconstitutional use of power, when he signed Executive Order 9066 incarcerating all Japanese Americans. In turn, families were separated.

Recent accounts of children being separated from parents at the U.S.-Mexico border have inspired Momohara to speak out through art. Using documentation of the WWII incarceration to compare today and the past, Momohara stands firm with immigrants in Never Again is Now!