Art Academy junior Mandie Reiber won second place for her piece Frail entered into this years The Golden Ticket, held at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. The exhibition showcases the diverse work from talented artists living or working withing a 25-mile radius of the Arts Center.

Frail is the expanded product of a series of sculptural experiments inspired by natural forms such as the veins within leaves and spiderwebs. Reiber also drew inspiration from the project Second Skin in her sculpture class. The parameters of the project were to start very literal, reproducing the biological structure of skin with other organic materials, then translating it into an abstract celebration of life and its subtleties (and yes, it’s frailties too). “I was so excited about the result of that exploration that I wanted to immerse myself in it; what better way to do that then to fill an entire room,” Reiber states. The installation consists of about  fifty branches, three spools of yarn, ten yards of tulle…and includes the original piece from the Second Skin project.


Mandie Reiber is a local college student attending the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a major in Illustration. At age 19, Mandie is the published author of six teen fantasy novels and an upstart choreographer for competitive dance and community theater. Her greatest passion, however, is for visual art. While typically a 2D artist, Mandie has begun exploring the realm of sculpture.