The Four Year Tuition Promise

The Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC) is in the process of rolling out a four-year tuition promise. This promise will effect this coming fall 2019. This new measure represents the school’s commitment to protecting its students from tuition increases over the course of their four-year undergraduate studies at AAC.

“The standard across higher education is that when you come in as a freshman, you can expect your tuition will increase every year,” explains interim president Mark Grote.

By billing students the same tuition each year, the AAC seeks to reduce financial stress by making education expenses more predictable, transparent, and affordable.

“We want our focus to be on our students, and we know the cost of education is one of—if not the most—critical factors for students today.”

The four-year tuition promise will also apply to the AAC’s returning students. For example, “if you’re a sophomore this year, your tuition will remain the same when you’re a junior and senior.”

This puts the Art Academy at the forefront of what is sure to be a growing trend.

As it stands, the AAC will be the only private art college in America to implement the four-year tuition promise. And one of just three colleges in Ohio.

“This is one of the reasons we like being small,” Grote says. “Because being small, we can make really fast changes.”

To learn more about the Tuition Promise, click here.