Camp Art Academy to BFA

A CE Success Story

Illustration by, November Hardy

November Hardy has just completed her sophomore year at the Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC). It all started when she attended Camp Art Academy at nine years old.

Hardy is an example of a successful Community Education transition into art school. Experiences in camp helped to encourage her interest in art and discover her creative ideas. As a result of her artistic passion she enrolled into the BFA program at the Art Academy.

“I feel that my exposure to art at camp influenced my decision to attend art school. I never really thought about having a career in art or going to an art college. Therefore, having grown up attending art camp every year, it stimulated my interest in art,” said Hardy.

Hardy is now a Camp Art Academy Teaching Assistant. “Assisting at the camp is fun to do and I like having a teaching role. Having students genuinely interested in learning how to draw is a great experience. I also appreciate the kids looking up to me for advice and ideas.”

Hardy plans a future in art. “Majoring in illustration and minoring in design will hopefully open many different paths for me. I would like to freelance as it would afford me the opportunity to work on variety of projects. But I would be glad to just work in a design firm or illustration studio, and freelance when I can. I just would like to be doing something creative”.

“I hope to take away from all the experiences I’ve had from the various projects and people I’ve met here. Learning from the ‘real life’ projects with clients and just the way you can work with peers and professors is exciting to me.”

“Just to take the atmosphere of the Art Academy — where everyone will help you if you need it, and helping others if they need, when I leave would be rewarding.”

You can find Hardy this summer assisting Camp Art Academy teachers.


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Written by, Katherine Beck