The Black Lives Matter Mural, located on the 12th street side of our building, was vandalized last week. Art Academy Professor and Chair of Illustration, David Michael Butler, created the mural this past June in support of the Black Live Matter movement. David knows this will not be the last time he’ll have to make a statement surrounding these types of acts, but he also knows there are many things we can do to make sure people learn from actions like these.
“The symbolic act of looking at a Black and Brown womyn state her experience, then approaching her to impose your views, and touch her body without consent is an unfortunate reality Black and Brown womyn/people deal with all the time.
The person who felt empowered to do this is not original. They feel comfortable violating Black/Brown bodies, and they do not care about the Black/Brown experience, which is the point! 
Black/Brown bodies (especially womyn ) coddle your guilt. We bend to protect your feelings, your opinions, and your egos. Instead of observing, listening, holding your tongue, stilling your hand, reflecting on your role, your response to our voice is this.
It may seem minor to you, but actions like these perpetuate the same misogynistic, racist, aggressive, and harmful things Black/Brown people deal with on a micro and macro level. So doing this, especially when no one can see you, doesn’t make you a bigger person, it only makes you smaller than you already are. Do better. Unlearn….. and for once, bend. “
David Michael Butler, AAC Illustration Chair