Genius comes in all shapes and sizes, but at the annual AAC Minumental Exhibition, no masterpiece can exceed two inches in any direction. That’s what makes it one of the best and most beloved shows among AAC students, faculty and alums year after year.

This past February, the AAC Alumni Committee hosted the 29th Annual Minumental Show at the student-run Exposure13 Gallery in Over-the-Rhine. Hundreds of art lovers attended the exhibition, and more than 200 pieces were sold netting nearly $2000 in sales. For many students, this show presents the opportunity to make that “first sale” as an artist. It also provides exposure and recognition for the impressive work created by our AAC community at large.

Brian Sholis, curator of Photography at the Cincinnati Art Museum, was this year’s judge of student work. He had the distinct privilege (and challenge) of selecting winners from an impressive and varied collection. This year, Lillian Webber won first prize for her print collage series. Courtney Greene received second prize for her cyanotype series, and Victoria Bauscher won third prize for her mixed media series, and an Honorable Mention went to Kyle Angel. The Viewer’s Choice Award went to Julia Waldorf, who received the traditional Bunny Cake lovingly baked by AAC Alum Amy Scarpello.

Join Us for the 30th Annual Minumental Show!

Alums, we want to see your work at the 30th! Please plan to send your best three minumentals to the AAC for the 2017 Minumental Show happening in February 2017. We hope to make this exhibition of tiny masterworks the best one yet. More details to come!

Alumna Christine Carli