Alumni Mentorship Pilot Program


The Alumni Mentorship Pilot Program is a pilot program created by Professional Development and the Alumni Coordinator to help engage students who are in the final steps of their programs with alumni.  Our goal is to create connections between students and alumni so that they can help mentor, foster growth, ideas, and be there for students about to graduate and enter the ‘real world’.  With the tools and experience of alumni who have been through the BFA, MAE, and associate programs at AAC, as well as navigating life after art school, we hope that this can be a guiding light to those who are ready to move on to this next stage of life and their careers.  

This pilot program will be implemented in 2020/2021, with the intention to grow this program to be a part of an overarching mentorship program that includes both peer-to-peer and alumni mentorship and spans the entire AAC student and alumni experience.

The AAC Mentorship Program is designed to:

  • Provide an opportunity for incoming students to make an immediate connection with a Peer Mentor who can provide them with a full picture of life at the AAC
  • Cultivate community and support within the AAC
  • Offer leadership opportunities for Peer Mentors
  • Create connections between students and alumni so that alumni may help mentor, foster growth, and support students as they prepare to graduate and enter the ‘real world’
  • Offer leadership opportunities for Alumni Mentors

Get Involved

The Alumni Mentorship Pilot Program is currently looking for Alumni who are interested in becoming a mentor this year, starting February 1st.  If you can donate 1-2 hours per month from February-May please email our Alumni Coordinator, Caroline Bell, at