Pull Club Studio

Pull Club Studio (PCS) is a printmaking and design studio made up of Chelsey Hughes (AAC ’10), Amy Scarpello (AAC ’10), and Linda Winder (AAC ’09.) PCS was formed in 2015. Pull Club focuses on textile and paper rint goods, with screenprinting as the central process.  

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Q & A with Pull Club Studio 

Pull Club Studio recently collaborated with the Ohio Prison Arts Connection (OPAC). They shared their knowledge of printmaking with a group of women at the Art Academy of Cincinnati print media classrooms.
Have you taught classes before?
Yes! We love teaching classes and sharing print magic. In the past we have lead classes at the American Sign Museum, Columbia Tusculum Center for the Arts.
How did Pull Club Studio get involved with OPAC?
We were introduced to OPAC through Wave Pool who recommended us for printing. We were able to build out a larger program to support artists creating posters in a project around awareness about returned citizens and facts about incarceration. This is what led to the class. 
Why is OPAC important?
The Ohio Prison Arts Connections supports individuals who are impacted by the incarceration system in Ohio by cultivating community and connecting individuals with programs that provide arts education, training, and other resources. We along with OPAC believe in the transformative power of art and support greater access to the arts for those who are incarcerated. OPAC uses the arts to humanized individuals impacted by the justice system. As artists, we know that being able to express oneself in this way is important to overall health and well-being. 
What are you teaching the students?
With this class, we were working to prepare artists designing posters that we will be screen printing. Our aim was to introduce the artists to the screen printing process so they could design with an understanding of how the works would be produced. Participants were able to experience creating a two-layer hand-blocked print over the four-hour class. We also share tips and tricks for designing for print including color economy and the rules of visual hierarchy. 
How will the students be able to translate these new skills into real life? 
Did you have a favorite moment from the first class? We always love seeing the process click once we get to the hands-on part. Some students were confused about what would print and what wouldn’t if they were drawing the positive or negative. Once we had them start filling in the screens and then seeing them pull the second layers they detailed we could see the “Aha” moment. This is always satisfying.
Will you be teaching and additional classes with OPAC?
We hope to stay connected with the organization! This is the only class we are leading with them for now but is part of a larger project we are working on with them. Since the class the artists have been working to create individual poster designs that we will print this winter as 3 – 4 color full size posters. The works will be on display in Columbus in spring 2021 and available for purchase to support OPAC‘s mission.