AAC Alumnus, Mitch Sipus will be visiting from Somolia to give a talk and workshop for the AAC Community.  A word from Mitch:

“While a student I was constantly needing to justify the value of my work to others, and I wanted it to have a social impact, but lacked the sufficient skills to do so.  I will tailor the workshop to give some direction and tools to students who have the same combination of ambition and limitation.   It will be relevant to students and/or faculty of any artistic or design discipline.”


As Director of the strategic design firm, Sutika Sipus LLC, Mitchell Sipus is specialized in designing and implementing creative solutions for radical urban transformation.  He has worked in some of the worlds most dangerous and complex environments throughout Asia and Africa. Previous projects have included successfully reducing gang violence in Cairo Egypt, improving housing systems in Kenyan refugee camps, and using graffiti to predict locations of social tension and insecurity in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Mitchell has published field research with Oxford University and the Foreign Policy Association in Washington DC.   He has spoken on his work at Oxford University, the Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has been featured in WIRED magazine.
Mitchell’s personal expertise includes organization theory, informal economies, forced displacement, youth militarization, and cities in conflict. Furthermore he is skilled in areas of social research, geospatial analysis, software development, and multimedia design.