Academic Opportunities for AAC Students

Two Program Options:

AAC x ABI New York Summer Program

Artbound Initiative photograph showing New York, Berling, Hong Kong photos, a global career accelerator for creatives

In partnership with ArtBound Initiative (ABI), AAC students have the opportunity to complete a summer internship in one of the world's art and design hubs - New York City! Students can complete an 8 or 12-week internship option and will earn credit to apply to their degree. Each student receives individual attention to identify a custom internship placement based on their background, skills, and goals. ArtBound Initiative (ABI) is a career accelerator in Art x Design. They offer customized internship placements for students and recent graduates in creative hubs around the world.

Every student will be guided through the process of apply and starting the program by ABI and AAC. Students will initially submit an application, resume, and portfolio to ABI for placement.

ABI will coordinate sending resume to artists/firms/organizations, and will work with the student to identify the most appropriate placement. Once a placement is secured, ABI will work with the student to prepare for living in NYC, including finding housing. Along the way, students will receive individual coaching for career options and resume/portfolio improvement. Once in NYC, ABI facilitates networking opportunities to help students expand their horizon of professional contacts.

Application Deadline: January 15 (4-month prior to your internship start date)

The ABI program fee is $2950. This covers internship placement, personalized coaching, travel support, and access to our network. Read more information on

Housing (optional): Participants should budget from $1200 to $1500 per month to cover the housing expenses in New York. Prices will vary depending on availability. ABI will arrange accommodation for students in a private room within a shared apartment with New York locals and other international students. Participants are encouraged to contact us early in the case of financial difficulties or special needs.

ABI International Program: Intern in London, Berlin or Hong Kong

ArtBound Initiative (ABI) also connects students and recent graduates with key players in the creative industry in London, Berlin and Hong Kong. ABI offers customized internships year-round from 2 to 6 months. More info at

Application Deadline: 6-month prior to your internship start date.

Testimonials from AAC Students

black and white headshot of Elena Herren

Elena Herren - New York Ineternship Alum

Internship with Ford Crull & Jeffrey Bishop Studios, New York

"ABI really helped me get my portfolio put together during the interview process. When I arrived in New York I was connected with a network of people. We went to events, and experienced the city we were in together."

Elena Herren ABI Profile

black and white headshot of Ryan Khosla

Ryan Khosla - Berlin internship Alum

Internship with John Miller studio, Berlin

"The experience was amazing from start to finish. From the coaching process and finding an artist, to be placed with an apartment."

Ryan Khosla ABI Profile

Or, contact or for more info.

KIIS Study Abroad Program

KIIS Study Abroad Program photograph showing a scenic Italian landscape.

We believe study abroad should be a part of your college career.

Founded in 1975, KIIS is a faculty-led study abroad consortium of colleges and universities in Kentucky and surrounding states. KIIS is dedicated to providing exceptional and affordable international education programs for college credit. We believe study abroad should be an integral part of any degree program, regardless of academic discipline, and should prepare students to be globally competent upon graduation.