Virtual Teen Academy

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Virtual Teen Academy is a Summer series of creative and educational workshops that are designed specifically for artists, designers, and writers ages 13-18. Students will discover and expand their creative interests. Build and develop their creative skills while meeting new friends and engaging with their artistic community. All workshops are hosted on Google Classroom and will include live art instruction, online curriculum, studio activities, Individual studio time, discussion, and virtual critiques. Virtual Teen Academy students will have an opportunity to share and show their work.

Cost: $150.00 per class

Location: Google Classroom

Duration: 2 Week Workshops Online - 24 Hour Access to Google Classroom

Live Classroom Meets twice a week from 11:00 am - 12:30pm for a Live Class Session using a Google Meet link.

Supplies: Supply lists will be provided to all enrolled students

1st Series: June 30h - July 10th:

2nd Series: July 13th - July 24th

3rd Series: July 27th - August 7th

Course Descriptions


Hone your voice and learn new methods of writing poetry. This course covers style, theme, tone, and other written elements that can aid in your creation of poems. Challenge yourself with short and long format poems and learn best practices for sharing your work. Collaborate with your peers and engage in Live Readings with your instructor. Students will be given prompts and challenged to write from their voice and vision. The class will cover how to host Live Poetry Readings.

Comic & Zines:

Explore what makes a strong cartoon design and how small design choices can make a big impact on a comic. Learn about color theory, line weight, proportions, panel design, and more. Along the way, you'll be creating your own unique comics that stand out and could tell an entire story with a glance. Learn self-publication methods and how to make a zine. Make your voice heard and learn how to share your work in printed and digital formats

Acrylic Painting:

Students in this course will utilize acrylic paints to explore techniques and color mixing while sharpening their eye, imagination, and skills as a painter. Projects include abstract work, deconstructed still life, and more! Create your own imagery from photos or imagination. Some painting experience recommended but not necessary.

Drawing Foundations:

An exploration of drawing designed for students starting out and those brushing up their skills. Learn to draw a range of subject matter, including still life, interiors, and city/landscapes, realistically using pencil, graphite, charcoal, and other drawing materials. Perspective, composition, form, rendering tonal values, and more will be covered and explored throughout the course.

Digital & Video Game Art:

Learn new methods of photo and art manipulation and develop your digital drawing skills. Students will learn how to compose, create, and edit their art and design work. Explore different brushes and drawing techniques while pushing the boundaries of your digital capabilities! Students will cover the importance and power of digital imagery and methods of sharing. Programs that are taught include Procreate and Photoshop. Each student will explore a different job available in today's digital and video game industry.

Anime & Manga:

Explore the world of Japanese contemporary drawing styles! Learn the basics of drawing Japanese-style characters while working with various drawing techniques and a variety of media. Students will create their own characters as well as learn how to make manga (Japanese-style comics). Connect with friends in the Anime & Manga Community and learn how to share your work digitally and in expos, cons, and fairs.

Digital Photography:

Students will discover their own personal photographic style through exploration of subjects and methods. Class will have an emphasis in composition, while developing critical thinking and how to develop a body of work. Students are required to have a digital camera or an updated smart phone with high camera capabilities.

Portrait Painting:

Develop your technical skills in this portrait painting course. Learn planning, drafting, and painting techniques. Students will be challenged to use multiple painting methods to create different works of art. Create multiple portraits from imagery, live stills, and imagination. Learn a wide array of illustrative techniques to add likeness and realism to your creations! Students will be using acrylic paint, mixed media, and individual mediums.