Daydream, Sleepwalk

September 28 – October 27, 2023
Art Academy of Cincinnati | McClure Gallery
A black and white lithograph: an abstract figure in a landscape

Daydream, Sleepwalk

Print Selections from the AAC Archives

September 28—October 27, 2023

McClure Gallery

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 28, 2023, 5—8pm

The Art Academy of Cincinnati is pleased to present Daydream, Sleepwalk, an exhibition featuring prints from the AAC Archives. 


About the exhibition: Since 1869, the Art Academy of Cincinnati has fostered an environment of creativity for its students, one in which they can feel free to do what artists do: observe the world around them, filter it through their own thoughts and personalities, and add their marks and ideas to it through the works they then create. This fluid artistic interplay between the spaces of the world and the spaces of the mind is especially evident in the AAC Archives’ print collection, which comprises decades of works created by printmaking students. In what will become an ongoing series of exhibitions highlighting this collection, Daydream, Sleepwalk presents selected works produced over the last fifty years. Executed with a variety of printmaking techniques—screen printing, lithography, intaglio, and more—all showcase the exchange between the external and internal visions of artists as they move through the world.   


Featuring artworks by:

Nytaya Babbitt

Britni Bicknaver

Barbara Brutvan

Paul Coors

Joanne Edwards

Mary Farrell

Kim Flora

Phillip Helgeson

Amber Johnson

Gina Livingston

Mike Logsdon

Celeste Mullen

Elaine Mullen

Jon Perz

Kevin Poole

Michelle Red Elk

David Reed

Gloria Routson

Eric Ruschman

Regina Stenger

Tony Tasset

Isabel Uria

Roye White

Carrie Whitenack

Gallery Hours:

Monday through Friday 9am—9pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am—5pm

Gallery admission and reception are free and open to the public

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