Clear as Dishwater

September 27 – October 4, 2023
Art Academy of Cincinnati | Chidlaw Gallery
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Clear as Dishwater

Artworks by the AAC Exhibition Studio Class

September 27—October 4, 2023

Chidlaw Gallery

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 28, 2023, 5—8pm

The Art Academy of Cincinnati presents Clear as Dishwater, a group show featuring artwork by the students of AAC’s Exhibition Studio class. In the class, students develop a body of work to be displayed in a series of popup exhibitions around the Greater Cincinnati area. 


For this first exhibition of the semester, the class’s fifteen students were invited to create new artworks to be displayed in the school’s Chidlaw Gallery. Students responded with works in a variety of media, each contributing a fragment of their own personality, background, material interests, and media focus to the group show. The result is an eclectic mixture that highlights each student’s distinct point of view while allowing surprising comparisons and relationships between works to float to the surface. The artworks included feature drawing, painting, fabric, photography, mixed-media, and more. 


List of artists:


Jonas Adams-Lasse, Dominique Braxton, Maddy Degyansky, Gavin Dessauer, Rachel Drouillard, Mina Gomez, Erick Guzman, Li Hurdle, Echo Joy, Shay Lane, Daisy Lorenz, Derek Sally, Kaylee Sgouris, Mar Silvers, Elizabeth Zajkowski

Gallery Hours:

Monday through Friday 9am—9pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am—5pm

Gallery admission and reception are free and open to the public

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