Counseling & Learning Assistance


Jennifer Strom, Ph.D. is the Supervising Clinical Psychologist. Our services provide free confidential advising for all students. Feel free to contact her for scheduling an appointment.

Meet your counselors:

LaTonya Whipple

Phone: 1-513-562-6270

Tutoring Services

The Art Academy employs a writing tutor and studio tutor to offer additional instruction to students who would like to pursue tutoring.

Sarah Hollis is the Studio Tutor and is available by appointment for:

Techniques in: Figure Drawing/Human Anatomy, Value, Perspective, Composition Material, Any Drawing/Painting media, Bookmaking, Printmaking & 3D/Sculpture Concept/Idea generation,Time Management.

Contact Sarah at to make an appointment.

Brett Price is the Writing Tutor and is available on Mondays and Wednesdays from11:30 - 12:20 in the Adjunct Faculty Office in room N213. Brett can be reached at for an alternative appointment as well. The writing tutor provides:

  • Proof reading
  • Editing
  • Content organization and coherence
  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary choices
  • Reasoning and idea development
  • Punctuation

For more information, contact Galen Crawford Director of Student Services at or 513-562-6273.

Academic Advising
Every student is paired with a faculty advisor. The advisors work with students to set academic goals, chart a course toward achieving them, and make sound academic decisions overall. For more information, click here

Student Mentors
All freshmen at AAC are paired with a volunteer mentor from the junior or senior class. For more information, click here

Students with Disabilities
Special accommodations are available to those legally eligible.  Arrangements to receive accommodations should be done as early in the year as possible and must be initiated by the student by contacting the Director of Student Services in room N112.  It is the student’s responsibility to work with the student Director of Student Services and faculty to arrange and follow through on an accommodation plan.  

Accommodations might include extended time, testing in a distraction free environment, note takers, sign language interpreters, and books on tape. 

For more information on documentation guidelines, click here