Title IX Resources

Resources and Options for Victims of Sexual Violence
There are numerous on-campus and off-campus resources available for those who have been victimized by sexual misconduct or violence.

On-campus resources include sessions with the AAC’s Mental Health Counselor. If in need of assistance arranging a session, students can speak with the Director of Student Services.

Students should also consult Security staff with any immediate safety concerns. An Order of No-Contact can be requested through the Director of Student Services. This order is not legally enforceable outside the scope of the AAC, non-compliance with the order, if granted, constitutes a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, thus subjecting the non-compliant party to campus disciplinary action.

There are also professional resources available in the community. Victims can contact Women Helping Women, an organization that provides services to both male and female victims of sexual assault. Women Helping Women is located at 215 E. 9th St. Floor 7, Cincinnati, OH 45202 and can be reached at 513-381-5610 or through the website: www.womenhelpingwomen.org.

The Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center is a non-profit organization that provides low-cost to no-cost legal representation to crime victims, including sexual assault. Victims can be provided with competent legal representation at a cost appropriate to their financial ability, including as little as zero cost. Students can contact them directly at 4824 Socialville-Foster Rd., Suite #110, Mason, OH 45040 or at 614-848-8500.

Those concerned about specific individuals who may pose a threat to their safety may request a protection order through the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, which establishes legal restrictions on the ability of the individual to be in close proximity to the complainant.