Safety & Security

The Art Academy of Cincinnati is 100 percent committed to the safety of the student body.


All students, faculty and staff must show a security card in order to enter the main AAC building. The building has only one entrance, which is staffed by security personnel 24-7. Fifteen security cameras cover all areas of the building and are monitored by front-desk staff and security officers.

Lost your ID card? Follow this link to request a new one: New ID Request

Security Personnel

Security officers supervise the building 24 hours, 7 days a week. One security officer is on duty during weekdays, and there are at least two security officers on the premises during weekends and overnight hours. One of the two after-hours guards is the roving guard, making rounds inside and outside the building. If a student has an emergency, they should immediately contact the front-desk security officer at 513-562-6279 (desk) or 513-616-4802 (cell).

Security services can escort students between the AAC and their car, their residence hall, nearby bus stops, or other reasonable locations as requested between 4pm and 2am. For an escort, call 513-562-6279 (desk) or 513-616-4802 (cell).

Health Care and Insurance

All AAC students are responsible for securing their own health insurance to be in place during all terms of academic enrollment. The AAC does not provide student health insurance, but the Director of Student Services can assist students in researching healthcare options.

Follow this link for the federal government's healthcare/insurance marketplace website.

Federal Regulations

The Art Academy of Cincinnati in compliance with the federal regulations outlined in Title IX, the Clery Act, and the Violence Against Women Act.

The AAC's Title IX Coordinator is Kelsey Nihiser, Director of Student Services ( or 513-562-6273)

Please follow the links below to access information related to these pieces of legislation:

Understanding Title IX, the Clery Act, and the Violence Against Women Act at the AAC

2020 Art Academy of Cincinnati Annual Safety & Security Report and Fire Safety Report