Academic Opportunities

AAC x ABI New York City Year-round Internships

In partnership with ArtBound Initiative (ABI), AAC students have the opportunity to complete year-round internships in one of the world's art and design hubs - New York City! Students can complete an 8 or 12-week internship option and will earn credit to apply to their degree. Recent graduates are welcome to apply and can complete internships up to 6 months! Each student receives individual attention to identify a custom internship placement based on their background, skills, and goals. AAC students are eligible for scholarships!

For more information and to see experiences from students on the program, check out this page.


AAC students have the option of completing a for-credit internship experience, which allows students to explore various creative pursuits of professional development. From museums, galleries, design studios, artist studios, local businesses, branding firms, art-supply stores, newspapers, etc.

Each internship experience provides students with 3 credit hours, and can repeated up to two times. Students can choose to be self-directed in finding their internship or can ask for assistant from AAC faculty and staff.

For more information about internships, download the .pdf packet below:

Study Abroad with KIIS

Founded in 1975, KIIS is a faculty-led study abroad consortium of colleges and universities in Kentucky and surrounding states. KIIS is dedicated to providing exceptional and affordable international education programs for college credit. We believe study abroad should be an integral part of any degree program, regardless of academic discipline, and should prepare students to be globally competent upon graduation.

New York Trip

Every year, AAC students and faculty members take a trip to New York city to explore the city's museums and urban culture, and to take a closer look at contemporary art. Approximately 40 students participate in the NY Trip every year, which is usually held in March.

Student Gallery Team

The AAC has two student-run galleries - Exposure13 and the Chidlaw Gallery. Students can volunteer each semester for the Student Gallery Team to be responsible for curating shows throughout the academic year.

AICAD Exchange

The Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (AICAD) allows AAC students to transfer to another AICAD college for a semester. Students continue in their major coursework and are able to take advantage of a different college setting, new professors, and environment. Participating students pay the Art Academy full-time tuition rate.

Vermont College of Fine Arts - Dual Degree Program

The BFA/MAT dual degree option offers undergraduate art majors from the Art Academy of Cincinnati a flexible and accelerated route to a teaching career in PreK-12th grade art and design. This unique summer-residency program focuses solely on art & design education and offers an innovative curriculum that will prepare students to be confident and successful teachers.

VCFA BFA/MAT Program Info

Education Abroad

AAC students interested in studying or interning abroad can find international opportunities that allow them to complete degree requirements while abroad.

AAC Ambassadors

Each spring semester, a few sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be selected to serve as AAC Ambassadors. Ambassadors represent the AAC at AAC events such as New Student Orientation, Open House, National Portfolio Day, and more, as well as events in the community. Being an AAC Ambassador is a paid position.

Student Activities Committee

Student activities at the AAC are student-driven. Rather than planning events from the top down, we look to students to tell us what kind of activities would be beneficial and interesting. The Student Activities Committee is made up of two students from each class level and meets twice per month to plan and coordinate events in consultation with the Director of Student Services.

+B (Plus Business)

The +B program collects and synthesizes professional training that students receive at the AAC in and beyond the classroom. To earn +B distinction at graduation and on the transcript, students must complete 400 +B points throughout their time at AAC.

The +B program supports students' professional practice initiatives and provides them with increased confidence in their preparedness for career opportunities. The +B Distinction demonstrates students' willingness to take advantage of the professional development resources of the Art Academy and Cincinnati community in preparing them for substantive and satisfying creative lives.

For more information about +B, students should contact Paige Williams, VP for Academic Affairs / Academic Dean.

For questions about any of these opportunities, contact Kelsey Nihiser, Director of Student Services.