Student Advising

Every student is paired with a faculty advisor

The advisors work with students to set academic goals, chart a course toward achieving them, and make sound academic decisions overall. Your advisor will help you:

  • select the right coursework
  • keep track of credits toward your major
  • meet academic requirements
  • build your resume
  • take advantage of all AAC resources

Advisors also can discuss personal issues with you and refer you to additional sources of help. First-year students are assigned advisors who teach in Foundation Studies or Academic Studies. Upperclass students work with advisors in their major area of study.

Writing Assessment Program

Students are introduced to the Writing Assessment Program during Fall Orientation. They are also given the Writing Standards Form and the Writing Rubrics at this time. Students’ writing is evaluated six times during their four years at the Art Academy. The student’s portfolio consists of the Incoming Writing Diagnostic; First-Year, Second-Year, and Third-Year Self-Evaluations; Mid-Level Writing Diagnostic; and the Senior Thesis. Students, their advisors and the registrar receive copies of all writing assessments. All six writing assessments are mandatory for graduation and are regulated by the Chair of the Academics Department.

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