To Drop or Add a Course

Courses may be dropped and added online through Campus Cafe up to the first day of classes. Once classes begin, students must complete a drop/add form. A Drop/Add form may be obtained in the Faculty/Staff Mailroom, from the Registrar's Office (Room S265). Students must meet first with their academic advisor for approval, then obtain all necessary signatures. Once classes begin, courses may only be added with the consent of the instructor. The form must be submitted to the Registrar's office for the student to get credit for the course. Failure to properly complete and submit the required form will result in the course still showing as enrolled in Campus Cafe and on the student's transcript.

If withdrawal from the course takes place during the first four weeks of the semester, the student may be subject to a partial refund of their tuition. A student who withdraws from a course will earn a grade of "W" on his or her transcript. A grade of "W" is non-punitive and does not affect the student's grade point average. However, it may affect satisfactory academic progress. See "Satisfactory Progress" policy. After the 11th week of class, a student may no longer withdraw, and a grade must be recorded for the course.

Add / Drop Form

Leave of Absence

Students who may need to interrupt their studies for a period of less than one year due to illness (documentation required), financial circumstances or other reasons may request a leave of absence by completing a "Request for Leave of Absence" form and a meeting with the Academic Dean for approval.

A leave of absence will allow students to maintain their academic standing and any Art Academy continuing scholarships during their leave. If a student does not return after the end of the approved leave, he or she will be withdrawn. Students receiving a student loan must also obtain approval from the Director of Financial Aid. Since loan regulations differ from the Art Academy's internal Leave of Absence policy, students must meet with the Director of Financial Aid regarding the consequences to the repayment of their student loans. Students who do not receive such approval will be considered withdrawn (see below) as of the last date of attendance.

Leave of Absence / Withdrawal Form

Withdrawal from the Art Academy

Students who fully withdraw from the Art Academy must complete an "Exit Interview Form" obtained from the Registrar or the Faculty/Staff Mailroom. The form is also available online on the registrar's webpage. Signatures must be obtained from the Advisor, Finance Office, Director of Student Services and Financial Aid Office. Students who do not "officially withdraw", but stop attending classes will be assigned grades of "UW" which is punitive equivalent to an "F". Students who withdraw completely from the Art Academy may return within one calendar year at the beginning of a semester without loss of academic status. Students who receive student loans must also complete an exit interview with the Director of Financial Aid so that they may be informed of the consequences that a complete withdrawal will have on the repayment of their student loans. Refer to the Academic Calendar for exact withdrawal deadlines.