Greater Cincinnati College Consortium

photo of the art academy building

Attending Consortium Courses

Courses not offered by AAC can be taken for full credit via the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities, a cooperative venture established in 1974. Member institutions are:

Students can attend other Consortium institutions for up to 6 credits per semester in Fall and Spring; there is no limit during Summer semester. Fall and Spring courses taken through the Consortium are included in your tuition; you pay nothing extra. For summer courses, the Art Academy of Cincinnati’s tuition rate applies.

NOTE: The Art Academy is on a semester system, while some Consortium institutions are on a quarter system. One quarter credit equals 2/3 of a semester credit.

To register for a Consortium course:

  1. Obtain a Consortium Registration Form from the Registrar, Room S265. The Registrar will have information on how to find classes within the Consortium universities.
  2. Get the form approved by your advisor or the Registrar.
  3. Turn in the top copy of your approved Consortium registration form to the Registrar.
  4. Take the remaining copies and register at the university you plan to attend. The university will automatically send your grades to the Art Academy.