“A great cup of coffee, good music, and love are key ingredients to being a cornerstone in the family.”  

Walter Lee (Sonny) Chancellor, Sr.
 Sunny Blu Coffee gets its name from the grandfather and father of two of its founders. The original Camp Washington location opened its doors in April of 2019. Now they’re partnering with the Art Academy of Cincinnati at 1212 Jackson Street.

The Art Academy is happy to announce its brand new coffee bar!

Now open in the AAC Student Commons—Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm—Sunny Blu is serving to-go coffee & espresso drinks, loose leaf teas, fruit smoothies, and food items for breakfast and lunch. 

The menu will be ever-evolving based on feedback and seasonal specialties. Offerings include caffeinated and non-caffeinated, as well as dairy and non-dairy options. 

“We are always open to suggestions, so whatever wants or needs or thoughts [anyone] may have about what we should carry […] we will do our best to offer it,” says co-owner Janalyn Turner.

Sunny Blu sources high-quality ingredients from local and regional suppliers, such as La Terza Coffee in Lockland and the Bagelry in OTR. Currently there’s a caramel apple cider drink on the menu, made with local apple cider. Flavoring syrups are made in-house. Even the half-and-half is hand-mixed using fresh ingredients from a regional dairy.

This is all part of the art, and the science, of figuring out how to provide quality ingredients at a reasonable price. “We are really big on value,” says Turner. “We want to provide things that you would feel like you couldn’t make at home.”

So stop by the Commons for a delicious beverage or snack. And meet the rotating staff of baristas behind the counter—Daniel, Tiffani, Jada, and Tameka—who also help design the drinks and the menu. They are happy to answer any questions and to take feedback.  

For the full “Sunny” experience, check out their main location over in Camp Washington. 

Welcome, Sunny Blu! 

Picture of a menu board.