2022 Camp Art Academy at AAC

A Welcome from our Camp Director

Hello Parents/Guardians,

My name is Sam Holloway and I’m the Community Education Manager and Camp Art Academy Director at the Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC). I graduated from the AAC in 2019 with a BFA in Illustration. I started my Camp journey during my sophomore year of college in 2016, where I was hired to be a Classroom Assistant. Each year I grew into new roles such as Administrator, Instructor, and eventually Director of Camp Art Academy. Just like when I was an Assistant, each year I get to see a new batch of young artists walk through the doors with stars in their eyes at the endless possibilities of artmaking through our program. I’m more than proud to continue the Camp legacy each summer and help each child bloom into a creative risk-taker during Camp Art Academy at the AAC.

I believe that sending kids to a summer art program is one of the most important things a parent/guardian can do for their child. Every child deserves to go to Camp to nurture their interests and talents, whether that be for art, nature, science, or math. Part of my job is making sure that everyone has the same access to Camp, no matter who you are. We are here to ensure that your child explores their imagination in ways that are challenging and fun. By holding Camp on the AAC Campus in Over-the-Rhine, we are showing the younger generation that being an artist is important and brave, and that anything is possible with a little imagination.

Our Camp Art Academy Faculty are more than excited to bring our 2022 theme, Continental Tours, to life this summer. All our instructors are Artists themselves and have taught in K-12 or collegial academic settings. They are excited to bring cultural awareness to our Campers by teaching them about art practices and creative cultures from around the world. Each week results in Friday Art Shows where Family & Friends are invited to celebrate the Campers and witness the creativity of the next generation of artists. 

We can’t wait to see you this summer! Be sure to join us for a fun-filled creative 6-week journey at Camp Art Academy. Register Today


Sam Holloway
Community Education Manager, Regional Scholastic Coordinator, Camp Director
(513) 562-8762