Summer Faculty Live!

Our faculty want to stay in touch with our students this summer. Each week Art Academy faculty members will be sharing artwork followed by a zoom meeting for current and incoming students.
Students are encouraged to respond to the shared art by creating a work of their own, or engage in a dialogue during the weekly Zoom meeting with artist.
The links to the zoom meetings will be sent out weekly. It is also located here.
Faculty Live Schedule
Faculty MemberArt SharedLive Zoom Meeting  4-4:30PM
Emily MomoharaMONDAY 6/8/2020THURSDAY 6/11/2020
Matthew DaylerFRIDAY 6/12/2020THURSDAY 6/18/2020
Keith BenjaminFRIDAY 6/19/2020THURSDAY 6/25/2020
Loraine WibleFRIDAY 6/26/2020THURSDAY 7/2/2020
Paige WilliamsFRIDAY 7/3/2020THURSDAY 7/9/2020
Stephen KennyFRIDAY 7/10/2020THURSDAY 7/16/2020
Matt HartFRIDAY 7/17/2020THURSDAY 7/23/2020
Ben CookFRIDAY 7/24/2020THURSDAY 7/30/2020
Megan MartinFRIDAY 7/31/2020THURSDAY 8/6/2020
Emily EverhartFRIDAY 8/7/2020THURSDAY 8/13/2020
Jimmy BakerFRIDAY 8/14/2020THURSDAY 8/20/2020