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04/08/18 - 04/13/18

Transient Beasts represents a need to make tangible the fleeting senses of past, fantasy, impulse, and memory. Work presented by illustrators Joseph Jatczak, Brevyn Fleming, Rochelle Smith, Taylor Wellman, Grace Gentry and designer Dylan Robinson.

Exhibition will be on display : April 9th- April 13th

Receptions: Friday, April 13th, 5-8pm


Artist Names:

Dylan Robinson

Taylor Wellman

Brevyn Flemin

Joseph Jatczak

Rochelle Smith

Grace Gentry


Artist Bios:

Dylan Robinson –

Dylan Robinson is a Graphic Designer whose thesis work focuses primarily on brand design. Spread across a variety of media, his work here is based around a simple idea- take an abstract concept- and create not just a set of branding for it, but to create visual applications for these high-concept brands, featuring everything ranging from apparel to coffee mugs.  Through shared design motifs and related color palettes, Dylan aimed to create a diverse yet cohesive body of work.


Taylor Wellman

Taylor Wellman is an illustrator who works primarily with embroidery and acrylic paint. She has been creating a series of small portraits and landscapes on everything from wood panels to stretched fabric. Her work explores topics such as scale, domesticity, home, and mental health with a soft feminine quality. The subjects of her paintings and embroideries pull inspiration from travel, as well as physical and psychological ailments. These inspirations translate through quaint sceneries and stylized figures which represent a variety of experiences that Taylor has had. Traditional needlecrafts like embroidery and quilting guide her way through the fine art world. She looks forward to a day when she no longer has a concussion and feminine health no longer has stigma attached to it.


Brevyn Fleming

Brevyn Fleming is an illustrator and writer, focusing on creative fiction. Her stories are primarily within the fantasy and science fiction genres, but she has many plans for future projects set in a variety of time periods and realities. Her current work, Apotheosis, is the focus of her thesis show. Apotheosis is a fantasy comic that has been in the works since 2014, evolving through the years from a simple desire to delve into a fantasy setting to the work that it has become. What is shown at the show is only part of the first chapter, but she plans to continue working past graduation until the story is finished.

Joseph Jatczak

Joseph Jatczak is an Illustration major of the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a focus on digital media. While he chose to be an artist, Jatczak still holds onto a passion for paleontology since he was a child. “Paleoart” is the artistic reconstruction of any prehistoric species and their environment as accurately to current science. The body of work he is presenting this week revolves around the most famous of all dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus rex. By introducing new research and dispelling old myths in a series of infographic posters, he hopes to portray this species in a new light. For centuries, dinosaurs have been depicted as monstrous and beyond vicious by popular culture.  People forget that these were once ordinary living animals.  If big budget productions don’t want to show dinosaurs as they likely were, then it is up to artists like Joseph to present this lost world faithfully.


Rochelle Smith –

Rochelle Smith is an Ohio based illustrator that documents the various creatures and happenings of her mind through multiple layers of media. These layers include traditional printing, colored pencil, graphite, watercolor, varnish finishes, and numerous paper cut techniques. These are deeply rooted in her belief that art is a celebration through exploring creation. We are all explorers of our own incredible minds. Within this body of work she deemed the Insane Planetarium, she plans to show the importance of self-discovery, acceptance, and what it means to be alive.


Grace Gentry

Grace’s art style stems from a personal interest of hers that she has found fun and engaging since she was very young. The idea of an anthropomorphic character, or an animal with human characteristics, always brought new and exciting concepts. The features of animals compared to humans was more entertaining for her to illustrate and elaborate upon with ideas of my her, and over time she came up with her own characters that she visualizes and identifies with in many different ways. Usually, she will portray these characters in an aesthetically pleasing way, or using a color palette that is vibrant and draws your attention. It’s fun for her to illustrate these characters in different settings, in a way, it’s like memory making for her.



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