Bruce Bennett

Bruce Bennett is an African American photographer, born and raised on the south side of Chicago. His work speaks and focuses on African-American culture and experiences. On the South Side, these experiences involve socio-economic disadvantages, a lack of good paying jobs, little access to education, racism, and a cycle of poverty that’s hard to break. His work also discusses his own life as a transplant in Cincinnati. Bruce wants to present his audience with the kind of experiences that have molded the person he’s become. Utilizing identity, politics, the gaze, and his perceptions of the world, he primarily used self- portraits to open up the audience’s perspective while discovering the true Bruce Bennett.

-D.J. Gathers

“Being a student at the Art Academy made me become a stronger artist and individual. Being surrounded by only 200 amazing art student still blows my mind because we’re such powerful artists in such a small facility. Overall this school built Bruce Bennett- it gave me opportunities, it gave me knowledge and it’s leading me in the right direction. Sooner than later I will be proud to call myself an alumnus of the Art Academy of Cincinnati.”

-Bruce Bennett

Bruce Bennett

Bruce BennettBruce BennettBruce Bennett