Jon Flannery




Jon Flannery

BFA Printmaking, 2009

Current Position: Cryptogram. Owner, designer, & printmaker. October 2010 – Present.                        

Since starting Cryptogram in 2010, projects have been widely varied but based in the arenas of promotional, identity, and print design. I split my time between projects for Cryptogram, and design & screen print work for clients like Landor Chicago, Union Institute & University, Ault Park Concours, Cincinnati Art Museum, and bands like Pop Goes The Evil, and The Harlequins.

Recently I’ve been working on more and more projects for musicians and for visual art based events that have grown into long-term relationships, allowing me to provide consistency throughout their applications.

When at the Art Academy, critical discussions with professors and a thorough understanding of art & design history served to build the foundation for creating and learning from work. At the point I found a direction to move toward, using AAC’s resources, both internal and external, were instrumental in seeing through my plans and decisions, providing invaluable references and connections which would’ve otherwise made for a difficult transition from the academic environment into the professional world.