Professional Development

Arts Business Certificate Program (ABCert)

The Arts Business Certificate Program collects and synthesizes professional training that students receive at the Art Academy of Cincinnati in and beyond coursework. The Arts Business Certificate Program supports students' professional practice initiatives and provides them with increased confidence in their preparedness for career opportunities. Achievement of the Arts Business Certificate demonstrates students' willingness to take advantage of professional development resources at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and helps to prepare them for substantive and creative lives.

Upon completing this certification, students will graduate with Arts Business Distinction, will receive a physical certificate, and will be able to list the Arts Business Certificate on their resume, formalizing their experiences in the program and lending added credibility. Students may enroll in this voluntary program at any time.

ABCERT Application


AAC students have the option to apply for a for-credit internship experience, which allows them to explore various creative pursuits and professional development opportunities under the guidance of professionals in the field. Museums, galleries, studios, local businesses, design and branding firms, art supply stores, newspapers, non-profits, festivals, and other organizations may provide AAC students many opportunities to pursue internships in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Previous AAC students have been placed at companies and organizations such as BLDG Refuge Studios, Cincinnati Art Museum, LPK Design, Manifest Gallery, P&G, SOS Art, Such & Such Craftsmen, We Have Become Vikings, and many others. For more information about the internship program, contact the Associate Director of Professional Development.

Pre-Internship Packet Internship Experience Packet

Study Abroad Program

The Art Academy of Cincinnati is a partner with both ArtBound Initiative and the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS). Students may apply any time during the year to ArtBound Initiative for custom placement in an internship abroad or in New York City.  The Kentucky Institute for International Studies offers affordable study abroad experiences in over 20 different countries. Students should check the KIIS website ( for details about KIIS summer, winter, and semester programs. Additional suggested programs to review include: Studio Art Centers International Florence (SACI) and the Butler Institute for Study Abroad. Scholarships are available for both ArtBound and KIIS programs. Contact the Associate Director of Professional Development (also the KIIS Campus Representative) for more information.


This AICAD program allows an Art Academy student to transfer to another AICAD college for a semester. Students continue in their major coursework and are able to take advantage of a different college setting, new professors, and environment. Participating students pay the Art Academy full-time tuition rate. Please see for more information and a list of participating colleges.

The following items must be submitted or completed in order to participate:
Application form (See Academic Dean) 
GPA- 3.0 or greater cumulative average
Interview with Director of Student Services
Interview with Financial Aid
Interview with Registrar
Interview with Advisor